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Hello all!
I'm known as reni_m on livejournal. I've now moved to DW as my primary journal, and will be crossposting entries to LJ. 
I also have a LJ art community called einahpets_art. It's now basically dead, any art I want to share will be posted here or my dA.

Alrighty, as of October 23, 2011 I have copied all my Merlin fanart to this journal.


As of Jan 2017 I have backed up my LJ onto this platform. I want to save those entries and the ownership of LJ has me concerned, so here we go! If anyone didn't guess already I'm sloooooooooowly posting on here like a journal so this will be a proper combo journal. Of course this all depends on if I ever actually update or create art again! :)

Some of the art is unaccompanied by any sort of explanation.
If you would like more detail on Merlin pieces first check my entries on drawmelot and/or the Merlin folder on my deviantart.
If the information you're looking for isn't at either of these places, or it's not Merlin related, please drop me a comment and I'll happily answer any questions.

For bonus drawings/images look under the crack tag, in-progress tag, speed/sketch tag, and videos tag
Images here may not be visible on my deviantART or not linked on my Merlin Masterlist.

Hopefully things will be a little more organized from this point on!


Please do not repost as yours, copy/trace, use, and/or manipulate any of my art or images without contacting me first.

Adding pieces to recommendation lists or reccing my work, on DW or offsite, is most definitely allowed. I only ask that you credit me and link back to the original.

While perusing my art, if you are inspired by an idea portrayed, a technique, a composition, etc. run with that inspiration and create.


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