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Star Trek

Rescue G, Spock (TOS)
Court Martial G, Kirk and Spock (AOS)
Up in the Clouds G, Kirk and Spock (AOS)
Spock Prime Profile G, Spock (AOS)
Eridani NWS - breasts shown, but not in a sexual way, OC
Old Spirk G, Kirk and Spock (TOS in AOS)

Doctor Who
Gam G, Amy and Rory
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Title: 'Snowball Fight' and 'Lake'
Artist: [personal profile] einahpets
Characters: Arthur & Merlin
Rating: G
Warnings: N/A
Mediums:  Watercolor and colored pencil
Summary: From nomical's summary for artists claims
'When Arthur returns it isn't with a crack or a boom. The world doesn't shake and people don't flock to his island. In fact, the world doesn't seem to notice anything at all, say for one man. This is a story about Arthur's return, adapting to life in the 21st century, relearning how to interact together, and finding out that maybe this time destiny doesn't start with a capital "D". It's not your typical save the world story, but it might take them a while to realize it. '
Artist's notes: A couple of illustrated scenes from an aborted fic by nomical. Unfortunately the fic these are based on was getting too big, and in order to finish PL she made the hard decision to switch to a new story.
First illustration is a snowball fight b/w Merlin and Arthur where Merlin cheats a bit. The second is a slightly comedic version of Arthur's return. Basically his reaction after he finds out how much time has passed.

Snowball Fight and Lake )

Title: The Knights
Artist: [personal profile] einahpets
Characters: Leon, Percival, Lancelot, Elyan, and Gwaine
Rating (if applicable): G
Warnings: N/A
Mediums: Gouache, colored pencil, and metallic markers
Summary: Boys with toys!
Artist's notes: Once I knew I was going to make a solo art post, I decided I wanted to have a bit of a 'bang.' So in addition to finishing the original 2 pieces, I decided to do my own project.
The story of these knights is actually old. I started this project almost 2 years ago with Lancelot, and I had plans to include the other 4, as I felt there wasn't enough knight art in Merlin fandom. But then I stalled. Last year around this time I managed to get some energy and all 5 of the knights got to the barebones line art stage, but then I lost steam. Again. And it didn't help that the show killed 3/5 of them. So on my desk they sat, collecting dust while they watched various other projects get started and completed. It was sad. However, when my writer changed ideas, I decided it was the perfect time to finish them. So with less than a month to my posting date, I locked my preview entry, sat down, and worked. Well, worked when I wasn't going to Yankees games. Let me tell you nothing is more disruptive than free baseball. ;) Anyway, I manged to get them done and I think they look fab.
Shoutout to [profile] gwyntastic for gifting me with the metallic markers. When I received them, I promised her I would use them for a project. Well better late than never, right?

The Knights  )
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Artist: [personal profile] einahpets 
Title: 'Merlin' 'Arthur'
Characters: Merlin and Arthur
Media: Pen
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Prompt #: N/A
Notes: Originally this was going to be just the Arthur piece, but once I finished I decided he needed Merlin. The two pieces actually form one, and if I were to display them I would keep some negative space in between the two and let the viewer's eye connect the lines.
Hope everyone enjoys!
Summary: Arthur and Merlin in pen.

Made for [profile] merlin_art_fest



Apr. 6th, 2013 11:36 am
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Here's my [personal profile] camelotremix !
I got [personal profile] amphigoury , which is really great since I know she's super chill about anything I may possibly do.

For this project, I went in wanting to do something different. Partly to stay anon, partly so I could explore what an art remix is. These ideas ranged from paper collages to just reworking the piece in my style, or drawing from a different perspective. But first I had to pick a piece. Without a decided medium I had about 3 pieces I was contemplating playing with, just because I liked them. Then I decided a paper collage would be too much work, and I remembered that I could do printmaking and that settled that. So now I just needed to pick a piece that would look great as a relief. I narrowed it down to 2 (ironically none of the first images I was toying with using). The one I didn't pick would have looked great as a relief, but was already kinda one so that would have been a cop out (it was her famous artist project) and the other, which I did pick, was the stabby sword one. And dayum, choosing that one worked out so well!

So without further ado, the art! Beware the warning, I may have a heart of ice, but I understand others do not.

Title: Remix
Artist: reni_m
Link to Original Work: He is Your Destiny and He is Your Doom by Amph
Rating: R
Pairings: Arthur and Merlin
Medium: Linoleum-cut relief print on rice paper (red coloring done in photoshop)
Warning: Main character deaths
Artist Notes: Broke out my cutters and brayer to do some printmaking which is the first time in two years! I only cut myself once, quite an accomplishment.

Original )

Colored )

Matrix )

dA links (can be viewed bigger there)
original - colored - matrix
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Drawmelot's Creatures Project
I picked the crack idea of Kilgharrah as the FSM.
PUFFY PAINT! Worked really well imo.

framed version )

unframed version )


Sep. 3rd, 2012 10:48 pm
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Really this was an excuse to use the metallic markers gwyntastic gave me.  Sadly I didn't really use much of them XD
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Title: Art for dreams for wings and wanderers by etharei
Artist: reni_m
Characters: Aithusa, Merlin, Leon, Percival, and a lot of dragons
Art Rating: G
Mediums: Watercolor, colored pencil, charcoal, white charcoal, and sharpie pen.
Artist's notes:  Special thanks to gwyntastic and snad.  Also, shout out to chat.  You guys probably wonder how I managed to make anything considering I never GSD and work best being a distraction.  GO TEAM!
Disclaimer:  I think saying I drew a few dragons is an understatement.

24 dragons under cut! )

Archived larger versions in my paperlegends 2012 gallery
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I decided to do a speed drawing of Colin in Merlin wear just to stay loose. Man, am I rusty.
Anyway, I would like to do more of these, and maybe get a few others to join me? XD

Using a reference picture, and my youtube timers ... Total time on drawing, 10 min 29 sec.

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Jun. 28th, 2012 08:02 pm
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Some crack onocentaur Arthur.
I was inspired by summerpornathon's sentient animals challenge.
After all donkey!Arthur is canon ...

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Title:  "Sudden Rebirth"
Art and words by: me
Rating: Art - G
           Words - Well, there is techinically no cursing.  But I allude to bedroom things ...
Characters: Lancelot/Gwen, Merlin/Arthur, Geoffrey, and an unseen crazy man in a blue box.
Mediums: watercolor and photoshop.

The final manuscript in my series!  They were rather fun.  :D
Once again big thanks to my beta [personal profile] altocello and my text format person, the amazing [personal profile] gwen [profile] gwyntastic.  Yes, you did it perfectly right the first time!! <3 <3 <3

OH! Arthur   Drunk Gwaine

Sudden rebirth )

Plain text story )

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Title:  "Drunk Gwaine"
Art and words by: me
Rating: Art - PG
           Words - implied sexytimes
Characters: Gwaine, Nature, Arthur, and Merlin.
Mediums: watercolor and photoshop.

Whoo! Sequel manuscript to OH! Arthur.

This would not have been finished without the betaing talents of altocello, and the amazing gwyntastic who is still able to fit a lot of text in an insanely small space.  Words, Traditional and Graphic art UNITE!

Drunk Gwaine )

Plain text story )

Also on DA
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Made for Tomato, who worked so hard during Merlin glomp_fest 2012.

\o/ )


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Glomp fest entry for otta_ff.

My prompt was reincarnation inspired. Arthur remembers the past and is trying his hardest to get Merlin to remember.

Remembering )

Medium description and texture credit found on DA.
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Pinch hit for drawmelot's celtic cards project!
Here we have Lancelot with the wolf!
mediums: watercolor and silver paint pen

framed version )

unframed version )



Mar. 30th, 2012 01:40 am
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Woo!  My entry for merlin_games.

My prompt was Alternate Universe, which I took as an excuse to make Merlin actually competent with a sword and give the boys long hair.  Yes, I'm shameless.

Battle )

Mediums: watercolor and gouache

Also on DA and LJ.
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A little longer than PART 1, by 15 minutes.  But hope it's still enjoyable ... informative ... kinda cool?
There's music, and a new feature.  I didn't cover the microphone!!

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Questionable content. Poor quality. Great audio ... when my finger doesn't cover the microphone.