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Artist: [personal profile] einahpets 
Title: 'Merlin' 'Arthur'
Characters: Merlin and Arthur
Media: Pen
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Prompt #: N/A
Notes: Originally this was going to be just the Arthur piece, but once I finished I decided he needed Merlin. The two pieces actually form one, and if I were to display them I would keep some negative space in between the two and let the viewer's eye connect the lines.
Hope everyone enjoys!
Summary: Arthur and Merlin in pen.

Made for [profile] merlin_art_fest



Apr. 6th, 2013 11:36 am
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Here's my [personal profile] camelotremix !
I got [personal profile] amphigoury , which is really great since I know she's super chill about anything I may possibly do.

For this project, I went in wanting to do something different. Partly to stay anon, partly so I could explore what an art remix is. These ideas ranged from paper collages to just reworking the piece in my style, or drawing from a different perspective. But first I had to pick a piece. Without a decided medium I had about 3 pieces I was contemplating playing with, just because I liked them. Then I decided a paper collage would be too much work, and I remembered that I could do printmaking and that settled that. So now I just needed to pick a piece that would look great as a relief. I narrowed it down to 2 (ironically none of the first images I was toying with using). The one I didn't pick would have looked great as a relief, but was already kinda one so that would have been a cop out (it was her famous artist project) and the other, which I did pick, was the stabby sword one. And dayum, choosing that one worked out so well!

So without further ado, the art! Beware the warning, I may have a heart of ice, but I understand others do not.

Title: Remix
Artist: reni_m
Link to Original Work: He is Your Destiny and He is Your Doom by Amph
Rating: R
Pairings: Arthur and Merlin
Medium: Linoleum-cut relief print on rice paper (red coloring done in photoshop)
Warning: Main character deaths
Artist Notes: Broke out my cutters and brayer to do some printmaking which is the first time in two years! I only cut myself once, quite an accomplishment.

Original )

Colored )

Matrix )

dA links (can be viewed bigger there)
original - colored - matrix
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Drawmelot's Creatures Project
I picked the crack idea of Kilgharrah as the FSM.
PUFFY PAINT! Worked really well imo.

framed version )

unframed version )
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Glomp fest entry for otta_ff.

My prompt was reincarnation inspired. Arthur remembers the past and is trying his hardest to get Merlin to remember.

Remembering )

Medium description and texture credit found on DA.
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Pinch hit for drawmelot's celtic cards project!
Here we have Lancelot with the wolf!
mediums: watercolor and silver paint pen

framed version )

unframed version )



Mar. 30th, 2012 01:40 am
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Woo!  My entry for merlin_games.

My prompt was Alternate Universe, which I took as an excuse to make Merlin actually competent with a sword and give the boys long hair.  Yes, I'm shameless.

Battle )

Mediums: watercolor and gouache

Also on DA and LJ.
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Drawmelot's Celtic Animals Project
I got Leon, who was paired with a stag.
He definitely looks like a participant of the wild hunt ... or slightly demonic, your choice!
Fun fact about this piece.  I ended up drawing all of Leon's face and then covering most of it with the mask. 
Medium: watercolor

Framed )

unframed )

First Light

Jan. 7th, 2012 07:11 pm
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2011 merlin_holidays submission.

First Light )

Also on DA.

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This is an overdue repost of my Merlin Holidays 2010 submission.
The original submission was a photo, this is the scan after I did some minor corrections.

Sunset Flight )

Also on my DA.


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