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Old Spirk

May. 14th, 2014 11:49 pm
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My 2014 spockprimebbang art for urplesquirrel's story 'A Long Time Coming'
The other artist for this story is bassist08 her work can be seen on tumblr here!

Artist notes:
Old Space Husband's holding hands. :) Loved the mental visual I got from one part in the fic. So I tried my best to recreate it. Gotta love a fandom where the slash couple is adorable at any age.

Mediums: Watercolor and colored pencil

Click image for larger view on dA



May. 12th, 2014 09:16 am
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Oh wow, did this one a while ago but never crossposted it to LJ or DW.

(click image for full view on dA and image description)

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I actually have 2 versions of this. One is just the line art digitally colored and the second which is a Payne's Gray monotone with white and silver colored pencil.
Click the images for a bigger version on dA.
Also you can reblog your favorite version on tumblr! Yes, I have slowly made the jump to Tumblr. God help me.

Red Sketch on Tumblr                            Monotone Painting on Tumblr
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My art for the 2013 startrekbigbang story "Turning Hours Into Centuries" by noxiouscherries

I actually have two versions of Up in the Clouds' because the mediums in the piece look different depending on what technology I used to capture the art, scanner vs camera w/ flash (though in RL it really doesn't quite look like either of these).
Also I should warn everyone now, I can not resist metallic, glittery art mediums. Which is probably why I love classic Trek. Tons of futuristic glitter.

Mediums: watercolor, sharpie pen, colored pencil, metallic markers, and metallic gouache

Scanned version )

Photograph with flash version )

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2013 KSBB art for 'King's Gambit' by [personal profile] shinysylver.
It's an AOS spin on the TOS episode Court Martial. Good stuff!

There is also another artist who picked this fic. You can see [profile] emilywritescrap's art over at her tumblr!

Now for some brief artist thoughts ...
For this piece I was hugely inspired by TOS style posters, while trying to stay focused on Kirk and Spock. I played with the checkerboard as being the ion storm and the Enterprise escaping from it, while Spock holds the fallen king and Kirk looking concerned. Hopefully I balanced the graphic and realistic elements so they tie together.

Mediums: Acrylic, metallic paint pen, and a hint of sharpie pen.


larger version on dA


Apr. 23rd, 2013 06:50 pm
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Yay, Spock art! I just wanted to draw him with a lirpa and this happened.
I like to think he's on a rescue mission to save Jim ... yeah. :3

Mediums: watercolor, colored pencils, and a touch of metallic marker on heavyweight BFK.


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