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Birthdate:Apr 12
I'm known as reni_m on LJ. Feel free to call me reni.
Tempted to make this my art journal.
So I will.

Jan 2017 update:
I finally copied over my old entries from LJ, so I will also include some bits from that bio.

"This journal started out as a place for me to explore my hobbies with other fans; hence the username reni_m which is a shortening of my favorite character's name from Sakura Wars. The fandom may change but the intent is still there.

Anywoo, over time it has evolved from what I thought was a pure fan blog to one that I now recognize as a personal timeline. Of course one will still see entries about my favorite franchises, random stuff I find on the internets, and cosplay (if I ever get started again) ... but I will talk about my life to preserve my memory of the day/week/month/year etc, etc. Trust me, it's not that deep.
Moral of the story, my entries are now mostly friends only.

If you would like to be my friend just comment on one of my public entries, or the big one forever stuck to the top of my journal. Also, I now realize most of my public entries look and sound like twitter posts. All I'm missing is the cell phone (update: I have a cell phone now).

Some quick things about me ... I like greyhounds, manga, costume making, dancing (tap), fine art, theatre, baseball (specifically the yankees), various TV programs that rotate throughout the year, books, space related things, abusing her imagination, and rambling about my days in LJ so I can look back in the archives and remember (I've come a long way from when this was originally made). I'm not a writer, so my entries and comments seem to always have typos and grammar errors in them. If anything is unclear just tell me and I'll clarify! lol."
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