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Hello all!
I'm known as reni_m on livejournal. I've now moved to DW as my primary journal, and will be crossposting entries to LJ. 
I also have a LJ art community called einahpets_art. It's now basically dead, any art I want to share will be posted here or my dA.

Alrighty, as of October 23, 2011 I have copied all my Merlin fanart to this journal.


As of Jan 2017 I have backed up my LJ onto this platform. I want to save those entries and the ownership of LJ has me concerned, so here we go! If anyone didn't guess already I'm sloooooooooowly posting on here like a journal so this will be a proper combo journal. Of course this all depends on if I ever actually update or create art again! :)

Some of the art is unaccompanied by any sort of explanation.
If you would like more detail on Merlin pieces first check my entries on drawmelot and/or the Merlin folder on my deviantart.
If the information you're looking for isn't at either of these places, or it's not Merlin related, please drop me a comment and I'll happily answer any questions.

For bonus drawings/images look under the crack tag, in-progress tag, speed/sketch tag, and videos tag
Images here may not be visible on my deviantART or not linked on my Merlin Masterlist.

Hopefully things will be a little more organized from this point on!


Please do not repost as yours, copy/trace, use, and/or manipulate any of my art or images without contacting me first.

Adding pieces to recommendation lists or reccing my work, on DW or offsite, is most definitely allowed. I only ask that you credit me and link back to the original.

While perusing my art, if you are inspired by an idea portrayed, a technique, a composition, etc. run with that inspiration and create.
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Other Fanart

Star Trek

Rescue G, Spock (TOS)
Court Martial G, Kirk and Spock (AOS)
Up in the Clouds G, Kirk and Spock (AOS)
Spock Prime Profile G, Spock (AOS)
Eridani NWS - breasts shown, but not in a sexual way, OC
Old Spirk G, Kirk and Spock (TOS in AOS)

Doctor Who
Gam G, Amy and Rory
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Many moons ago I joined Imzy. While I didn't really use it much, I found a really awesome whockey community. 
Sadly Imzy is shutting down, but I found out today that the community will be migrating to DW! 
Anyone interested in whockey, or just curious, please join!! You can find them at [community profile] womenshockey  
Its a little empty now but will start filling up soon!

Goodbye LJ

Apr. 9th, 2017 12:32 pm
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In light of the recent TOS, I don't feel comfortable posting there anymore. I may stop crossposting. We shall see.
Please follow me on DW, my username is einahpets.


Ironically this won't cross post because I didn't accept the TOS. 
Ah well!! No one will ever know what happened to reni_m on LiveJournal!

**EDIT 2**

Gave in to let people know what I'm doing.
I may delete my LJ in the future. Depends on what other questionable decisions LJ does.
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Whenever I vote I always feel like I'm taking a test I did not study enough for, and everything I pick is the wrong answer.
Don't even get me started on the bonus questions on the back.

Old Spirk

May. 14th, 2014 11:49 pm
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My 2014 spockprimebbang art for urplesquirrel's story 'A Long Time Coming'
The other artist for this story is bassist08 her work can be seen on tumblr here!

Artist notes:
Old Space Husband's holding hands. :) Loved the mental visual I got from one part in the fic. So I tried my best to recreate it. Gotta love a fandom where the slash couple is adorable at any age.

Mediums: Watercolor and colored pencil

Click image for larger view on dA



May. 12th, 2014 09:16 am
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Oh wow, did this one a while ago but never crossposted it to LJ or DW.

(click image for full view on dA and image description)

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I actually have 2 versions of this. One is just the line art digitally colored and the second which is a Payne's Gray monotone with white and silver colored pencil.
Click the images for a bigger version on dA.
Also you can reblog your favorite version on tumblr! Yes, I have slowly made the jump to Tumblr. God help me.

Red Sketch on Tumblr                            Monotone Painting on Tumblr


Jan. 5th, 2014 12:22 am
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So apparently the small plane that landed on the highway in the Bronx Saturday was about 2 miles from my house.
Thanks BBC America for the news update!

New Year

Dec. 31st, 2013 10:45 pm
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It's happening!

Tons of people wishing me a Happy New Year already on the street. Police car outside to warn party goers to stay cool. And my dog barking at me for more cookies. Woot. Time for ice cream!


Nov. 14th, 2013 09:26 pm
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I'm listening to the Light Classical music station on my cable TV and Adagio For Strings by Samuel Barber comes on.
That's not light. In fact it's downright depressing.
I blame you 'Platoon.'
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My art for the 2013 startrekbigbang story "Turning Hours Into Centuries" by noxiouscherries

I actually have two versions of Up in the Clouds' because the mediums in the piece look different depending on what technology I used to capture the art, scanner vs camera w/ flash (though in RL it really doesn't quite look like either of these).
Also I should warn everyone now, I can not resist metallic, glittery art mediums. Which is probably why I love classic Trek. Tons of futuristic glitter.

Mediums: watercolor, sharpie pen, colored pencil, metallic markers, and metallic gouache

Scanned version )

Photograph with flash version )

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Title: 'Snowball Fight' and 'Lake'
Artist: [personal profile] einahpets
Characters: Arthur & Merlin
Rating: G
Warnings: N/A
Mediums:  Watercolor and colored pencil
Summary: From nomical's summary for artists claims
'When Arthur returns it isn't with a crack or a boom. The world doesn't shake and people don't flock to his island. In fact, the world doesn't seem to notice anything at all, say for one man. This is a story about Arthur's return, adapting to life in the 21st century, relearning how to interact together, and finding out that maybe this time destiny doesn't start with a capital "D". It's not your typical save the world story, but it might take them a while to realize it. '
Artist's notes: A couple of illustrated scenes from an aborted fic by nomical. Unfortunately the fic these are based on was getting too big, and in order to finish PL she made the hard decision to switch to a new story.
First illustration is a snowball fight b/w Merlin and Arthur where Merlin cheats a bit. The second is a slightly comedic version of Arthur's return. Basically his reaction after he finds out how much time has passed.

Snowball Fight and Lake )

Title: The Knights
Artist: [personal profile] einahpets
Characters: Leon, Percival, Lancelot, Elyan, and Gwaine
Rating (if applicable): G
Warnings: N/A
Mediums: Gouache, colored pencil, and metallic markers
Summary: Boys with toys!
Artist's notes: Once I knew I was going to make a solo art post, I decided I wanted to have a bit of a 'bang.' So in addition to finishing the original 2 pieces, I decided to do my own project.
The story of these knights is actually old. I started this project almost 2 years ago with Lancelot, and I had plans to include the other 4, as I felt there wasn't enough knight art in Merlin fandom. But then I stalled. Last year around this time I managed to get some energy and all 5 of the knights got to the barebones line art stage, but then I lost steam. Again. And it didn't help that the show killed 3/5 of them. So on my desk they sat, collecting dust while they watched various other projects get started and completed. It was sad. However, when my writer changed ideas, I decided it was the perfect time to finish them. So with less than a month to my posting date, I locked my preview entry, sat down, and worked. Well, worked when I wasn't going to Yankees games. Let me tell you nothing is more disruptive than free baseball. ;) Anyway, I manged to get them done and I think they look fab.
Shoutout to [profile] gwyntastic for gifting me with the metallic markers. When I received them, I promised her I would use them for a project. Well better late than never, right?

The Knights  )
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I have done it! PL art is done. I will have 7 pieces to post come August 20th. :3

Lol moment

Jul. 11th, 2013 09:59 am
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There is a post going around tumblr where the OP basically said 'Star Trek Into Darkness AU ... Spock is behind the glass instead of Kirk'
I laughed and facepalmed at the same time.
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2013 KSBB art for 'King's Gambit' by [personal profile] shinysylver.
It's an AOS spin on the TOS episode Court Martial. Good stuff!

There is also another artist who picked this fic. You can see [profile] emilywritescrap's art over at her tumblr!

Now for some brief artist thoughts ...
For this piece I was hugely inspired by TOS style posters, while trying to stay focused on Kirk and Spock. I played with the checkerboard as being the ion storm and the Enterprise escaping from it, while Spock holds the fallen king and Kirk looking concerned. Hopefully I balanced the graphic and realistic elements so they tie together.

Mediums: Acrylic, metallic paint pen, and a hint of sharpie pen.


larger version on dA
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As people know, the new Trek movie has a few things that went and upset people. Today TrekMovie.com posted an article about a shot that could be seen as sexist. Well I attempted to write a response that kinda analyzed why people would see that. But it was deleted mere minutes after I replied to the article. That actually made me LOL (and not all surprised because I'm sure it would have sparked some hot debate that would spiral into wank and attack). Fortunately I have a LJ where I can post this mini essay!

As a disclaimer I talk about Star Trek Into Darkness spoilers. Also, I'm not really all upset over what happened in the scene because it's a product of society. The best thing to do is just realize it, not to get so upset over it, and try to educate others to be smarter movie goers and analyze what we're being shown.

If we were to remove the changing scene, the movie would not be affected in the least.  You could have had the conversation scene in the shuttle bay, without her changing, and then switch planetside where we can see McCoy and Marcus in the mission jumpsuits. Like an intelligent audience, we would have assumed they changed sometime during the scene jump.

However, we do have the changing scene. So let's look at it a bit more closely and try to understand why people are reading it as sexist, gratuitous, and purely a fanservice moment. It all has to do with the directing, composition, and editing.

Let's start with the scene being used as the counter argument by The Powers That Be, specifically Kirk in bed. In my opinion, comparing the two scenes is like comparing apples to oranges, they're both fruits but ultimately different. First off, the nude aspect was not the forefront of the shot. I would say that the forefront of the shot was Kirk being pulled away from a good time. Not to mention, it kinda makes sense to be undressed for sex. Unless I'm missing something about copulation. Also he had a sheet covering his modesty. Lastly, and I think this is the most important aspect, in Kirk's 'naked' shot the camera has it so our eyes meet Kirk's face at eye/conversation level.

On the other hand, Marcus' shot was completely meant to show her body and done in a scene not set up as a precursor to mature content.
Let's be analytical movie viewers for a second and look closely, past the obvious that is her body.
The shot is arranged to force the viewer's eyes to look directly at her torso, in focus, and straight on with no distractions. JJ intentionally chose to do the shot like that. The camera angle says it all. By being positioned below human eye/conversation level, we have to look up her body to finally get to her face. This perspective is done solely to showcase her body and have the viewer almost mentally take off her under garments.
I can't emphasis enough how intentional the choice to focus on her assets, not her face, was.

Now this is where it gets dodgy and why people are wondering 'why?'
There really was no point for the shot to be done like this unless you were going for fanservice. You could have had the same exact scenario ... still have Marcus changing in the shuttle bay, still have Kirk there, have him peeking, and even some flirting. All the director had to do was be more creative, change the composition and camera angle making it so the audience got the hint that Kirk was taking a looksie but done without exploiting her body and 'objectifying' her.
Instead JJ intentionally went for the torso shot and what we have now is a screenful of body and a lot of disagreements.

I'm not saying gratuitous shots are bad. However, when this is the only gratuitous body shot at this camera angle in the whole film (and it doesn't really add anything to the scene) it stands out. It's why we're all hearing it now. Cause yeah, it can be read as sexist. Especially when you see the deleted 'Khan shower scene' and realize that even though he's nude, the camera angle is such that you're looking at him at 'eye/conversation level.' The same level we saw Kirk in his 'nude' scene. Even though the shot is panning up his chest, his body is turning from the side to the front so by the time the camera gets to his face, we're at eye level.
So the final count is two 'nude' men shots at eye/conversation level with other things going on in the background and one female in her underwear shot focused on her at torso level.

Now some questions.
Does the perspective of these type of shots in movies have an impact to how we think about men vs women? Is it possible that shots like this send a subconscious message to viewers? Would you take one gender more seriously than the other? Also, would your respect for a man/woman change if these camera angles were switched? ie. a woman undressed seen at eye level and a man semi clothed seen at torso level.
Imagine the changing scene set up exactly as it is, same perspective and angle, but instead of Marcus we see Kirk in a speedo. Would this type of shot objectify the Captain? Would you respect Kirk in a position of authority if you saw him like this?
Not to get too deep but I think these are good questions to think about. Not just in Star Trek, but in all media.


If you're going to go for the sexy and fanservice, there should be gratuitous shots like this showcasing and objectifying both women AND men.

Were there to be a reedit, I would suggest that the Khan in shower scene be put back in, just for the sake of some Cumberbatch skin. Also, I think JJ should seriously reconsider the wetsuit scenes. Specifically the choice he made to have digital editing done to diminish the obviousness of Captain Fine's derriere and package.
By making changes like that there would be some nice sexy, and we get to see objectification of men along with women. Also it will help draw in both the fanboys and fangirls. Especially if you direct some fanservice to the female fans.

On a real serious note, the creative team may want to get a woman on board to consult with. A new perspective can't do anything but help and perhaps open their eyes to a different viewpoint.
Let's not forget some TOS favorites were penned by a woman.


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