May. 23rd, 2012 04:55 pm
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Wee!  Stole this from moonie.

Which philosopher are you?
Your Result: Aristotle

Truth does not exist in some transcendent realm. We get to truth by applying reason to the physical world. The world follows logic and commonsense. Science if done properly is not to far from philosophy.

--This quiz was made by S. A-Lerer.

Early Wittgenstein / Positivists
W.v.O. Quine / Late Wittgenstein
Sartre/Camus (late existentialists)
Immanuel Kant
Plato (strict rationalists)
Which philosopher are you?
Quiz Created on GoToQuiz

To be honest, most of the questions caused too much thinking ... I didn't think too much XD
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Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] superfluous_emi!!

1. What is your username?
2. Are you right handed or left handed?
3. What writing implement are you using for this meme?
4. What are your favorite letters to write?
5. What are your least favorite letters to write?
6. Write, "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."
7. Write the following words in all capital letters: CRAB, HUMOR, PAJAMAS, GAZILLION, KALEIDOSCOPE.
8. Share some lyrics from the last song you listened to. (Or just write whatever you want.)

I did two cause I'm special.

Tarot meme

Oct. 26th, 2011 08:08 pm
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Well this was fun!

You are The Empress

Beauty, happiness, pleasure, success, luxury, dissipation.

The Empress is associated with Venus, the feminine planet, so it represents, beauty, charm, pleasure, luxury, and delight. You may be good at home decorating, art or anything to do with making things beautiful.

The Empress is a creator, be it creation of life, of romance, of art or business. While the Magician is the primal spark, the idea made real, and the High Priestess is the one who gives the idea a form, the Empress is the womb where it gestates and grows till it is ready to be born. This is why her symbol is Venus, goddess of beautiful things as well as love. Even so, the Empress is more Demeter, goddess of abundance, then sensual Venus. She is the giver of Earthly gifts, yet at the same time, she can, in anger withhold, as Demeter did when her daughter, Persephone, was kidnapped. In fury and grief, she kept the Earth barren till her child was returned to her.

What Tarot Card are You?
Take the Test to Find Out.

color meme

Sep. 4th, 2011 02:35 pm
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This one has been floating around my flist!

you are lightcyan

Your dominant hues are green and blue. You're smart and you know it, and want to use your power to help people and relate to others. Even though you tend to battle with yourself, you solve other people's conflicts well.

Your saturation level is very low - you have better things to do than jump headfirst into every little project. You make sure your actions are going to really accomplish something before you start because you hate wasting energy making everyone else think you're working.

Your outlook on life is very bright. You are sunny and optimistic about life and others find it very encouraging, but remember to tone it down if you sense irritation.
the spacefem.com html color quiz


Jul. 31st, 2010 10:47 am
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[livejournal.com profile] itzcoatl posted her results from this quiz and I couldn't help taking a go at it as well.

Your result for The 3 Variable Funny Test ...

the Idiot Savant

(43% dark, 58% spontaneous, 53% vulgar)
your humor style:

You like things silly, immediate, and, above all, outrageous. Ixne on the subtle word play, more testicles on fire, please. People like you are the most likely to RECEIVE internet forwards--and also the most likely to save them in a special folder entitled 'HOLY SHIT'.

Because it's so easily appreciated, and often wacky and physical, your sense of humor never ceases to amuse your friends. Most realize that there's a sly intelligence and a knowing wink to your tastes. Your sense of humor could be called 'anti-pretentious'--but paradoxically enough, that indicates you're smarter than most.

PEOPLE LIKE YOU: Johnny Knoxville - Jimmy Kimmel


Your Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • darkness Distribution

    You scored 43% on darkness, higher than 33% of your peers.

  • spontaneity Distribution

    You scored 58% on spontaneity, higher than 73% of your peers.

  • vulgarity Distribution

    You scored 53% on vulgarity, higher than 78% of your peers.

Honestly, I'm not surprised.  I'm also extremely excited for Jackass 3D to come out later this year. 
Though I will say, the amount of times they had the troll fart on Merlin was one too many.  It lost the humor after the second time.
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stolen from [livejournal.com profile] xshiz 

The first five people to respond to this post will get something made by me!
My choice!
For you!

This offer does have some restrictions and limitations:
- I make no guarantees that you will like what I make!
- What I create will be just for you.
- It'll be done this year.
- You have no clue what it's going to be. It may be a story. It may be poetry. I may draw or paint something. I may bake you something and mail it to you. Who knows? Not you, that's for sure!
- I reserve the right to do something extremely strange.

Do not be alarmed if I ask for your mailing address due to the fact I may not be able to hand the gift to you physically!

If you comment, you have to repost or else it doesn't count.
I will stalk your LJs to make sure this is posted once you comment on this!!

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Cause I don't want to do thumbnails.

1. How old will you be in five years?

2. Who did you spend at least two hours with today?
Joe, Jen, Zack, and Annie

3. How tall are you?

4. What do you look forward to most in the next six weeks?
Going home with no school.

5. What's the last movie you saw?
I started watching Superman today.

6. Who was the last person you called?

7. Who was the last person to call you?

8. What was the last text message you received?
From some unknow caller with strange numbers attatched I deleted it.

9. Who was the last person to leave you a voicemail?
My dad

10. Do you prefer to call or text?

11. What were you doing at 12am last night?
umm, chilling and playing card games

12. Are your parents married/divorced?

13. When did you last see your mom?
October 8 - 12

14. What color are your eyes?

15. What time did you wake up today?

16. What are you wearing right now?
sweatpants and a t-shirt

17. What is your favorite Christmas song?
I like all the songs on the South Park Christmas album.  Titled "Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics"

18. Where is your favorite place to be?

19. Where is your least favorite place to be?

20. Where would you go if you could go anywhere?

21. Where do you think you'll be in 10 years?

22. Do you tan or burn?
depends.  more recently burn

23. What did you fear was going to get you at night as a child?
catwoman coming out of my closet, now ghosts

24. What was the last thing that really made you laugh?
Performing the Algorithm March
25. How many TVs do you have in your house?
4 hooked up to cable, 1 in my sister's room attached to a VCR and a few broken ones in the attics.

26. How big is your bed?
Full at home.  XL twin at school.  twin in my apartment in FL.

27. Do you have a laptop or desktop computer?

28. Do you sleep with or without clothes on?
With, once in a blue moon with just underware.

29. What color are your sheets?
blue right now.  At home a flower pattern

30. How many pillows do you sleep with?
4 here, 7 at home ... all old and flat I assure you.

31. What is your favorite season?

32. What is your second favorite season?

33. What do you like about Winter?

34. What do you like about the summer?
pretty colors

35. What do you like about spring?
smells like dirt.

36. How many states/provinces have you lived in?

37. What cities/towns have you lived in?
Chappaqua, Waccabuc, South Palm Beach, St. Augustine, and Binghamton.

38. Do you prefer shoes, socks, or bare feet?

39. Are you a social person?

40. What was the last thing you ate?
reeses and laffy taffy

41. What is your favorite restaurant?
one's that are delicious

42. What is your favorite ice cream?
cherry garcia, black raspberry, and vanilla

43. What is your favorite dessert?

44. What is your favorite kind of soup?
minestrone and homemade chicken soup

45. What kind of jelly do you like on your PB & J sandwich?
the one that's open in the refridgerator and doesn't look moldy.

46. Do you like Chinese food?

47. Do you like coffee?

48. How many glasses of water, a day, do you drink on average?
2 if i'm lucky

49. What do you drink in the morning?
umm it depends.

50. Do you sleep alone?

51. Do you sleep on a certain side of the bed?
I flip

52. Do you know how to play poker?
not really

53. Do you like to cuddle?
haven't really tried it.   Probably yes.

54. Have you ever been to Canada?
once but i don't remember

55. Do you have an addictive personality?

56. Do you eat out or at home more often?

57. Do you look forward to your birthday?

58. Do you know anyone with the same birthday as you?
i knew a kid in HS and i knew a girl who graduated last year.  OH!!  the serenity I posed with at otakon.

59. Do you want kids?
not really

60. Do you speak any other languages?
Nothing that's useful

61. Have you ever gotten stitches?

62. Have you ever ridden in an ambulance?

63. Do you prefer an ocean or a pool?

64. Do you prefer a window seat or an aisle seats?
whatever they both have advantages and disadvantages. 

65. Do you know how to drive stick?

66. What is your favorite thing to spend money on?

67. Do you wear any jewelry 24/7?

68. What is your favorite TV show?
oh man.  Malcolm in the middle

69. Can you roll your tongue?

70. Who is the funniest person you know?

71. Do you sleep with stuffed animals?

72. What is the main ring tone on your phone?
the standard one that comes on my phone

73. Do you still have clothes from when you were little?
i think i do

74. What red object is closest to you right now?
all red?  my candy bag

75. Do you turn off the water while you brush your teeth?
no, but at home i do

76. Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed?
open at school, closed at home

77. Would you rather be attacked by a big bear or a swarm of bees?
bear, bees suck

78. Do you flirt a lot?
No, at least i don;t think i do

79. What do you dip a chicken nugget in?
it always used to be ketchup but now i'm always honey mustard

80. What is your favorite food?
a lot of things

81. Can you change the oil on a car?

82. Have you ever gotten a speeding ticket?

83. Have you ever run out of gas?
I've been a car that has

84. What is your usual bedtime?
12- 2AM

85. What was the last book you read?
completely?  Battle royale 15 (though that's a comic book) in the middle of brisinger

86. Do you read the newspaper?

87. Do you have any magazine subscriptions?

89. Do you watch soap operas?

90. Do you dance in the car?

91. What radio station did you last listen to?
the school radio, I was on air friday night ^_^

92. Who do you have in a picture frame near you?
no picture frame

93. What was the last note you scribbled on a piece of paper?
what mangas i didn't own yet

94. What is your favorite candle scent?
no overbearing ones

95. What is your favorite board game?

97. When was the last time you attended church?
my grandma's furneral

98. Who was your favorite teacher in high school?

99. What is the longest you have ever camped out in a tent?
lol a whole summer in the tent me and my sister set up in the loft.  Best camping trip ever.

100. Who was the last person to do something extra special for you?
I can't remember.
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Started as an ocelot and is now a mouse. If you change it just tell me so I can keep track!
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Stolen from [profile] asereneand [profile] illegalseagull


B - BEST SPORT?: I guess dance, but I was pretty good at soccer as well.

C - CRUSH?: No

D - DOGS NAME?:  Gracie, Irene, and Guy.

E - EASIEST PERSON(s) TO TALK TO?: Heh, to be honest, Tepper. 

F - FAV. COLOR?: Purple, Blue, and Green.

G - GUMMY BEARS OR GUMMY WORMS?: Gummy Bears, they're a little less gross when I think about eating an animal.

H - HOMETOWN?: Waccabuc, New York.

I - Instrument?: My voice.

J - favorite juice?: Cranberry

K - KIND OF MUSIC?: Oldies (60's) and classical, not to mention the Japanese stuff.

L - LONGEST CAR RIDE?: Technically the drive from FL to NY when I was younger, but the one I remember much better in recent history is the drive to Maryland. 

M - MILK FLAVOR?:  It rotates between skim and 2%


O - ONE WISH:  Hmm, I dunno

P - Phobia/Fears:  The time right before an airplane ride, I build myself up so badly but after takeoff I'm perfectly fine.

Q - FAVORITE QUOTE?:  "Let's assume you're a dishonest man.  Assume away."

R - REASON TO SMILE?:  Any little thing.

S - SONG YOU LAST HEARD?:  "I Second That Emotion" by Smokey Robinson and The Miracles


U - UNKNOWN FACTS ABOUT ME?:  I have a horrible addiction to Salt and Vinegar Chips.

V - VEGETABLE YOU DONT LIKE?:  When they're overcooked.  Eww, they get all mushy.

W - WORST HABIT?:  nail biting

X - X-RAYS YOU'VE HAD?:  Teeth

Y - YUMMY FOOD?:  there are tons ...

Z - ZODIAC/ASTROLOGY SIGN?: 'Aries' ... 'Earth Dragon' if you follow the Chinese Zodiac.
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An interview from big A.  They're pretty short answers.  Oh well ...

1. Where is the one place you have to visit before you die?
Hmm, good question.  I don't really know.  There are so many places that I would like to see.

2. Would you perfer to be a millionaire or find true love?
Who says I can't have both?  

3. Is there a possiblity for life on other planets/outside our solar system?
Yes, I find it highly unlikely that we can be the only planet that managed to create life.

4. If you could meet any one person dead or alive, who would it be and why?
I don't know.  I know/studied a lot of interesting people but I've never found myself yearning to meet them.  Gosh, I keep my world so small ...  

5. What is one thing you absolutely cannot live without (like besides water and food)?
My dogs.  It's so hard right now being away at college.

Comment if you want to be interviewed.
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Cause I feel like taking a survey ... stolen from Big A 

Yay, that was fun. 
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It's that time of year where Reni Milchstrasse fans from Japan have a month long celebration in honor of her B-day (December 24) by posting fan related goodies. Woot!


quizzes are fun

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Summarize 10 of your fandoms in one sentence, then see who on your friends list can guess each fandom.

1.  A freaky boy goes to a whole school full of freaks and a few important things occur over a few years.  [profile] aserene

2.  Breaking an object only led a girl to play with six boys to entertain after school.  [profile] rowlena_rose

3.  In order to strengthen their souls for their job acting on stage is a must.  [profile] illegalseagull

4.  Four boys deal with modern day problems with a few insults and curses thrown in for good measure.

5.  If you are a gifted child move to Westchester.  [profile] deathbytonsil 

6.  Ah, the beautiful bishies Kunzite, Zoisite, Nephrite, and Jadeite.  [profile] rowlena_rose

7.  Girls playing baseball for a high school team.  [profile] rowlena_rose

8.  Who knew there was so much drama at a circus.  [profile] illegalseagull

9.  Taken from her home in Korea this new queen needs to deal with her problems.  [profile] rowlena_rose

10.  A lower class family's everyday life with one son being a genius, well an academic genius.  [profile] rowlena_rose

Yay, this was fun.  Some of them are more obvious than others but have fun with it!

Rowlena_rose got most of the anime ones.  Nice job!  Still 6 left.
illegalseagull, thank god you got #3.  All the anime ones are gone.
Yay!  Another one knocked off the list.  I was kinda mean with the description of #1.  Ah, oh well.
aserene you don't even like the fandom and you got it kudos.   Sand you rock my socks.  I LOVE YOU!
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What American accent do you have?
Your Result: The Northeast

Judging by how you talk you are probably from north Jersey, New York City, Connecticut or Rhode Island. Chances are, if you are from New York City (and not those other places) people would probably be able to tell if they actually heard you speak.

The Inland North
The Midland
The South
North Central
The West
What American accent do you have?
Take More Quizzes

That was fun ... oh! Big A (aka [profile] aserene), I should tell you ever since I first met you I noticed the trace amounts of a Chicago "North Central" accent when you spoke. Tis quite an endearing quality that you pocess! -hugs you-

In other news I finally found out the name of the Romantic Era song that Kazue Ikura sings to in her album. I forget the exact track number but the song she based the melody off of was a piece by Bedrich Smetana named "The Moldau". Ever since the summer when I heard the piece on the classical radio I have been determined to find it. And "Hazah!" out of nowhere I find it. Thank you Music Appreciation class. 
I'll provide the link to the song. 
[personal profile] kitaoji you will probably reconize the tune within a minute of the song.  
[Bad username or unknown identity: ]
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List five truths. Five things that are on your mind. Good, bad, it matters not. Lift some weight off. Then pick five people to do the same. 

1.  I'm having some restlessness over a few papers that I have to do, of course 2 of them aren't due til next months but yet I find myself ina situation where I need to finish them really early.

2.  I really need to get a sewing machine.  There are a few cosplays that are just begging to be done.  Specifically, characters who first name start with R and last name ends with E

3.  I got my Mom a birthday present today.  In reality it's going to be the best one I have gotten her to day.  At least I hope so.  Sand, don't tell her I got her one, please!

4.  I desperately want to watch the Kayou Shows that I haven't seen yet.  Yeah, I'm a uber nerd.

5.  Apparently I'm becoming known at this school as "The Girl who knows everything".  Why must I research all the time.  Random stuff doesn't help me in class!!!!!!

Tags:  Whoever is compelled to do this.  It is actually quite fun and condenses a LJ post to 5 simple statements.  Woot!

P.S.  There is a wonderful candy shop in town (One of four on ONE street alone!) that makes homemade Caramel Apples and they are devine!!!  So good.  But you kinda get that feeling when you see the girl cooling the Caramel on a marble slab.
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You're a great guy to know.  Not only do we talk about Sakura Wars
all the time you also help me out when I have computer problems.

Even though we have know each other for almost a year you have always
been kind and are willing to share what's going on in your life.  I hope we 
spend much more time getting to know each other and talking about our favorite series ^_^
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[profile] deathbytonsil

yeah dude, I like you.  you rock my socks.
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[profile] illegalseagull

NIKKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!   Ha, yes.  I remember really getting to know you during Studio Art Period 5 with Holly Kellogg.  Besides being in that class together we also had global studies 8th and english 9th period.  OH Man, did my anime knowledge grow because of you!  You are like the goddess of keeping me imformed of all the new stuff.  It is pretty sweet.

Anywoo, you have the best sense of humor, very dry and wonderful.  Always keeps for a good conversation.  

I dunno if I ever told you this but back in freshman year you saw my report card and was like "Steph, you have to promise to get 80's and above."  Well that year I didn't but those words you told me has stuck with me.  I still can't believe I remember you telling me that and it still impacts me.

Hope everything is well!


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