Aug. 13th, 2012 06:27 pm
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Because I'm a dork I sent a complaint e-mail to NBC.  Now unlike other countries, TV stations in the US are privately owned and not funded by the public.  This is why we have commercials and other such non sense in between our shows.  It's why 'primetime' is a time slot so many networks aim to get high viewership for because then they get more sponsors.  And why the network broadcasting the superbowl charges so much for commercials.  Yes, once again the USA is run by money.  A true blessing and curse. This is why more popular Olympic sports and US wins were shown delayed.  However, I have no idea why NBC decided to edit out certain content from the opening and closing ceremonies.  That I can not forgive.

To anyone involved with programming, editing, content inclusion, and airing of the Olympic broadcast --

I hope for the Rio games you learn from your mistakes and actually show the entire Opening and Closing Ceremonies unedited and uninterrupted by your agenda.  Not only is it a slight to your viewers, who have no other choice of US TV network to watch the games, it's an absolute insult to the host country who worked hard and put so much time and planning to create these showcases.  In the world of global connection and instant information, you can no longer deny that you are editing out content.  While I am indifferent to your choice to delay the broadcasts to primetime, I am enraged that you decide what content the American public gets to see without input.  Yes, you have the live streaming available on nbcolympics.com but people work, have school, or the odd hours of the games don't allow for someone to be on the internet 24/7.  And let's be honest, there's something wonderful and social about watching it on a television instead of a computer screen.  It's my belief you are abusing your power as the sole carrier of the Olympics when you decide to edit out content.  The summer games only come around every 4 years and should be what's remembered, not the television network that failed and caused controversy due to editing choices.
In general I found your coverage of the games and competitions quite well done.  While some of your commentators had something to be desired (specifically the basketball commentators) having the choice of many TV channels and live streaming was a welcome addition.  I hope that you choose to include the live/online streaming for the winter games. 

One last comment.  I wish you would reconsider your choice to air/buy rights for the Paralympic games broadcast.  While I do not know the reason why you chose not to include it as part of the Olympic coverage, I think you're doing a disservice to these athletes and the American public by not showcasing them.  I think it's terrible that you highlight a South African double amputee participating in the regular games but completely overlook hundreds of similar athletes.  Also, now that I have interest in Oscar, why not show his races in the Paralympic games?  You've got an invested/interested public, follow through.

I hope you take time to think about what went wrong with the 2012 games broadcast and start listening to your viewers; instead of your executives and money.

Regards --
S S    



Jun. 24th, 2012 12:14 am
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Way back in April I recced an amazing Russian artist who did some fabulous manips and graphics.  Later that same day I saw a piece of art posted to drawmelot, by a different artist, which was an exact copy of the Russian artist's manip.  Strange timing but I was really upset at the obvious duplication of an artist's work.  As you'll read in my report, I interacted with the artist to try and get further details and found he did not have permission to use the original art.  I could not just sit back when something was so blatantly plagiarized and decided to take some action.  I asked my fandom friends what to do and with some help I wrote up a post and submitted it to [livejournal.com profile] stop_plagiarism for review.  Almost two months since writing that post it has finally been made public to the community.  In the downtime, I made contact with other fandom artists who helped me compile more evidence and examples.  The final report and all evidence is here.    

As for my own personal thoughts on fanart plagiarism in general, here they are...
I consider myself a very flexible artist and fanartist.  Throughout art history there are hundreds, thousands, probably millions of examples where students are copying master paintings to learn technique.  However, there's a difference between using preexisting imagery to grow as an artist and using imagery that is just plain stolen.  By copying the original artist, students are able to better grasp how to create a piece so when they grow into a master themselves the original work they create has strong technique and is something they worked on to achieve.  Furthermore inspiration, ideas, and technique are gained by looking, learning, and copying all sorts of imagery throughout time. 
Fandom is a tough place for art just because knowing what is right and wrong can be very obvious to some and not to others.  While there are no 'official rules' I really believe there is a scale of right and wrong.  While I can be very flexible about fanart in general, to me there is a more distinct line of 'wrong' when it comes to copying another fanartist's work.  When the choice is made to join the fandom community, I feel there are rules agreed to if it is decided to add to fandom as a creator.  As an example, would a fandom writer appreciate finding another user reposted/stole half of a story, including a link to the original story post, and saying in the writer's note the original story was 'inspiration' without the new poster seeking permission?  I would think not.  Neither do artists. 
While I can easily say I do art for art's sake, I also like being recognized as the original creator of a piece and having my art and imagery treated with some respect and ownership.  It's for reasons like this that I am wary of tumblr and how easy it is for art to be striped of it's original creator.  Heck I get wary when I think about who may have downloaded a copy of my art to their computer not knowing what may happen (but I don't toss and turn over it or I wouldn't even bother to post art to the internet at all).  Anyway, I understand ideas and art can be shared, and I understand when I see similar compositions and styles.  Heck, I take inspiration from fellow artists and fanartists all the time.  However, I don't think it's right to directly duplicate a fanart, nor is it right to copy all/most of a fanart without consent from the original artist.  Should fandom try and chew each other out over this, no.  But should it strive to be honorable when it can and learn from past mistakes?  I like to think so.

I'm sure my thoughts are all over the place ... I'm not the most eloquent verbalizing my thoughts, and this is one of those topics where every individual has their own thoughts what is right and wrong.  We can easily talk in circles about this.  I just wanted to make people aware of these things and get a little insight on my personal stance with it.


Jul. 9th, 2011 09:22 pm
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Baseball history happened today my friends!  
It was so epicly exciting!
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Whoo, I have been working on this CD case tutorial for hours over the course of yesterday and today.
But!! It was a lot of fun and hopefully it will be useful. 

Use it to make a custom case for a mixed CD, submit as that extra touch for your CD art portfolio, house all those loose discs and DVDs, or you just like looking at homemade CD cases.

If there's anything unclear about the tutorial please tell me so I can clarify it.

Special shout out to [livejournal.com profile] itzcoatl!!

Large image tutorial behind cut! )
You can also download each part of the tutorial at my deviantart

The artwork featured on my CD case is from a series of etchings I did two years ago.
All the images used are self-portraits ... umm, the original photographs were from a Sailor V photoshoot I had in Fall 08.
Let's just say there were some very confused freshman.CD front cover Original Photograph )
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I'm in the printmaking studio right now.  Working for once this semester.  I was motivated to come back after Tap because I had a failed monotype.  Ink was too tacky, paper too thin, and the press to tight.  So the paper stuck to the plate. 
Anyway, as you can all tell it's about 12:15 am in the morning.  Not too late.  I've been here since 10 pm.  No big, I've done this before (once even to 1 am).
So I'm taking my zinc plate off the hotplate and then 2 state troopers come in.  AH!  I'm pretty sure they were troopers and not university police.  They were decent enough, said 'good morning' and asked for my room pass.  Thank god I always carry it in my wallet.  Though I accidentally gave him my expired one first.  And the other asked his partner if they needed ID.  Without him asking I just handed it over to him.   I know I wasn't doing anything wrong at all.  The thing that scared me a bit is that I have never, ever heard of the police coming in to check if we're (students) allowed to work here.   
(FYI the janitor just walked in and didn't care I was here so ... dunno what the police thing was about)
I'm assuming that they were concerned because to the best of my knowledge I'm the first student to work this late on a weeknight in a long while and seeing lights on in the studio might have raised some flags.   
Just thank god I had my pass!
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OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, I have the digital copy but I'm going to try and obtain a physical copy of Cosmode 26.
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For kicks this morning I decided to make a mental head count (ha, pun) of all the self portraits have done since my first one sophomore year of HS.   The count of all the pieces I remember is 30, one is currently in progress, another is somewhere in St. Augustine (my professor at Flagler never returned it to me), and all the rest are either here or home in Da Buc.  Now, while I was musing over my blueberry banana pancakes I realized that I may be so used to drawing my face that i no longer have an objective view.  Maybe I know the features so well that I have a subjective view to how they should look so the final product looks like me.  Or maybe I have so much practice with my face I know when something is off.  However, I don't think that is the case because my portraits usually look like this.  3/4 view, hair braided and hanging off my shoulder (so it looks like I'm a girl), and usually I'm in a t-shirt and sweatshirt.  Is this some sort of formula I created?  Or is it just the fact that all professors ask for 3/4 view.  BLAH.  
It's appropriate that I'm having these thoughts while I'm in the middle of my 30th portrait.  

SM Monthly

Sep. 4th, 2008 11:23 pm
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Look!!  I'm an inspiration to fanfiction writers everywhere.  lol.  Oh man, how random is that.

Thanks [livejournal.com profile] aserene  for showing this to me! 
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I know it has been a while but I haven't really felt like posting much until now ...

So today, well technically yesterday, I saw the Hungarian Symphony Orchestra.  One word.  Amazing.
I have never heard an orchestra be so powerful and wonderful, I can't find the proper words to describe them.  They were scheduled to play three pieces, one of which was an amazing Liszt piece that focused on the piano, which was played by some 20 something guy named Paavali Jumppanen who was fanastic!  After intermission just when they are about to start the last piece (a Symphony) a woman who is part of the board of people who bring in the culture got up and interupted the Maestro making him jump a bit. heh.  Anywoo, she interupted him because the Hungarian Orchestra has been around since 1907 and they were celebrating their 100th birthday by touring in the U.S. for the first time!  So since it was a birthday she had the audience sing Happy Birthday to the orchestra, who were laughing the entire time (they were a fun bunch, even when they were performing perfectly they would give funny smiles and thumbs up!).  
After singing Happy Birthday the conductor had them perform an extra piece!  I believe it was Brahms Hungarian #5 (at least that is what the conductor said).  It was a lively piece and those are my favorites.
The symphony was wonderful, simply amazing, those guys are seriously talented!  I was so glad I got to see them, all 75 of them, which we were told was the biggest orchestra that has visited to date.  Anyway, after the symphony by Tchaikovsky there was a standing ovation (one of many during the show).  As the conductor had the different musicians take a bow he had them sit down again.  Turns out we were getting another extra piece!  I don't know the title of the last song, but it was a great way to end the show.  So after 2 hours and 5 minutes I had a musical rejuvenation!!  

As I said before, so good. 
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"How are you?"

"My dog's great"


Dec. 16th, 2006 12:30 pm
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The LJ Holiday Faerie has visited me.  
I can't believe it, it's just a wonderful surprise and really warms the heart.

Now to everyone out in LJ-land ...
Be it Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, or some other holiday.
Let's all be thankful for what we have and be kind to others.

Gosh, I sound like a Christmas special.   Oi.  Oh well, it can't be helped.

Anywoo!  Thank you once again LJ Faerie!!  You have inspired me for seasons to come!
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I just convinced my Dad that my sister is hiding weed under her matress.  I'm hundred of miles away and I still got it.  Go me.
Sorry Sand, gotta keep you on your toes.
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So I got infomation on who my roomies for college are going to be.  Funny enough both of them are older than me.  They put me in a room with a Sophmore (Athena) and a Senior (May).  Hope they don't like hunting Freshman.  Ah, this is going to be an experience. 
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So today I got my report card and the first payment for college.  

I'm more excited about the report card at the current moment.  I'm proud to say I have gotten my first 100 for a quarter.  It's a shame that it had to be on my last one but ah well at least I have the bragging rights to "I got a 100 for a quarter in high school."
Thank you Panzer.

But joking aside I think that's pretty good for the student who in Freshman year always got 70's except for Earth Science which for some reason I got 90's in.  I still remember one of my friends telling me to aim for 80's and above that year.  It's a shame that I didn't do it that year, but I think subconsciously I made it up to her by improving a little each year.  I should really thank her.  That little sentence and the hint of disappointment in her voice has really affected me, more so than even my parents.  I guess I care about what my peers tell me after all.  

Then again this is the same girl who handed me the French chocolate filled with liqueur and a cherry which made me choke in the back of the room during Global History 9.  Ha, I should really learn to read lips then I wouldn't have those moments during class.

Now onto the college bill ... I didn't look at it.  There's a rule in my house, it states that anyone who looks at a bill has to pay it.  So, I didn't look at it which means my Dad will take care of it.  Hazah.

Have a groovy evening y'all.
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Oh man, I was just watching the weather with my Dad and they showed the entire country map w/ little snippets of Canada and Mexico above and below. And out of nowhere my Dad says
"We should have taken over Mexico."
I have never heard a more random statement while watching the weather. I'm still laughing.


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